The conference registration will give access to LIVE conference, access to recording of conference for 6 months & 6-months access to 4 Workshops on Computational Design, along with example files.


Workshops are pre-recorded and curated specially for Smart Design Conference attendees and are beneficial for design students and professionals. The workshops are curated by Smart Labs 4.0 and run by students of fourth batch of Smart Labs covering various tools and strategies of advanced design & computational design.


Access to workshops shall be provided at the end of the 2-day symposium and shared with all attendees via e-mail.


Patrish Kumar

Patrish is an architect and a budding computational designer from Bhubaneswar, India. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal in 2020.  Inspired by the combination of mathematics and algorithmic thinking, he believes computational and new media technologies possess the potential to reform the AEC industry. Currently, he is a student of Smarts Labs 4.0 - a rat[LAB] hybrid programme on Computational Design. He has been developing his computational design acumen by exploring diverse building design typologies through Generative Design processes.

Workshop Taught -
Parametric Recursion with Grasshopper3D
Softwares used - 
Rhino and Grasshopper3d with Anemone plugin.


Siddharthan Saravanan

Siddharthan is an Architect and an Upcoming Computational designer from Bangalore, India. He received his Bachelor's degree from The Oxford School Of Architecture, Bangalore, and is currently a student of Smart Labs 4.0 - Fourth Batch of the Hybrid program on Computational Design. Having Interests in Advanced Architecture Technologies and Speculative thinking. The Experiments based on possibilities of geometry and trying to find its limitations of manipulations by different workflows and also tries to speculate what these could signify in the future scenarios involving cultural significance for speculative aspects and trying to amalgamate cultural traditions with futuristic technologies.

Workshop Taught -
Dynamic Objects with Maya
Softwares used - 
Autodesk Maya. MASH utility tools.


Priyanka Kar

Priyanka is an architect and urban design enthusiast from Bhubaneswar, India. She was awarded the Bachelor of Architecture from School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal in the year 2019. She has been a Fellow at the Charles Correa Foundation. Currently, she is a student of the Smart Labs 4.0 - a hybrid program on Computational Design. She believes that computational design tools can bridge the gap between the issues of the modern world and help create breakthroughs in the design field. Presently, she has been exploring the paradigm of discrete design by generating experimental aggregations to understand new design and fabrication technologies

Workshop Taught -
Procedural Aggregations - Discrete Design using Wasp Plug-in
Softwares used - 
Rhino Grasshopper with Wasp Plugin.


Gulzar Ahmed Khan

Gulzar Ahmed Khan graduated as an architect from Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai in 2019 and is a prospective candidate at AADRL, for Masters of Architecture and Urbanism. He is interested in subjects like parametricism, generative design, algorithm aided designs and advancements like robotics, digital fabrication, artificial intelligence etc. In order to strengthen his foundational knowledge about computational design, Gulzar enrolled himself to be a part of a 6-month hybrid programme on Advanced Computational design called “Smart-LABS 4.0” organised by ratLAB[EDU], for which he had been shortlisted along with 30 other students from across the globe.

Workshop Taught -
Form Finding using Kangaroo Physics
Softwares used -
Rhino, Grasshopper with Kangaroo Plug-in.